En sped start på noe som skal bli …


Beltestakk til frøken Nora….


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  1. Hi Ranghild!
    I’m a Norwegian, living in London, at my very beginning of making my daughter a ‘Beltestakk’. I have been searching internet for tradition, info etc for some weeks now and jippii… finally found your blog when we have pick out exactly your ‘karve’ pattern as out favourite.

    I would be very grateful if you please could send me an email (or replay at this blog) with some more info re where to purchase this embroidery pattern & instructions?

    I also like the your embroidery on your vest – does it have a name? and have you seen it used at the end if the ‘forkle’? We are looking for a traditional flower embroidery patter for the ‘forkle’ and would like something like ‘rosemaling’ so our favourite so far is the ‘bunadboka’ pattern but find it a bit heavy (if makes sense).

    Sorry for all this question and cant wait to hear back from you.

    Million thanks!

    Mvh,Tone x

  2. Hi Tone! Thank you for commenting – and good words for embroidery. This is a copy of an old «kvarde». There is no pattern – i just had an old picture to look at. It’s sown on «16-tråders tellelin» – double fold, in cross stitch and «klostersøm».

    The same goes for the vest – copy of an old «Brudestakk» (Wedding beltestakk). This is sown in «plattsøm» with wool yarn on cotton fabric.

    On your question about the apron. I’m not sure of what bunadbokas pattern look like, but there is several patterns that is lighter/smaller than others in the «telemarksaum».

    I don’t know if you ever visit our region – but it’s only a flight away 😉 You should visit – and see some patterns. If this is not an option – maybe you should contact «Stoffbua» on facebook – or Husfliden Porsgrunn.

    I recommend the book Sy bunad selv –
    http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/1b9dd405d258a2cced9822ce2ce5bafc?lang=no#0 – it’s online.

    or Bunadbrodering – også online http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/a5f24fe69136929ac2e9b5f2d1d7f401?index=10#0

    og ikke minst «Beltestakk før og nå» http://www.nb.no/nbsok/nb/1a9bac6d04458e0927068f0870de742c?index=1#0

    If you have other question – please ask.

    Have a nice day.


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